Venezuelan skater Sebastian Tigreros won the 6th Inline Skating Sprint


Photo: Tarmo Haud

Tartu Inline Skating Sprint is a warm up competition for the 10th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon. Over the many past years, the victory of the Tartu Inline Skating sprint went to Venezuela again. Alfredo Moreno’s title as an inline skating king is now taken by his younger, 20-years old fellow countryman Sebastian Tigreros. The best Estonian rider was Marten Liiv, who won the third place.

„I really liked to compete in Tartu. The hardest part on the course was the curve, when we had to turn back, but I made it great,“ said a team member of Uus Maa skating team after the finish.

Last year’s winner Liiv, who won the third place today, was dissapointed, because he could not beat Tigreros. „He made some quicker moves and he was in front of the others.“

The second place went to Latvian Reinis Znotins, who was beaten by Liiv during the last metres of the race.

In women’s class, to celebrate the day of restoration of Estonian independence, Elen Kõrva took the first place. It was her third victory in a row in Tartu Inline Skating Sprint competition. „I can still win as a result of my old training shape, that is really pleasant,“ said Kõrva, who beat Julia Barakova from Russia and Kristiine Kalev from Estonia on the homestretch.

The results in beginners’ class were made clear by the qualification rounds. Last year the victory went to Latvia, but this year it came home- to Estonia. In beginners’ class the first place went to Joonas Valge, who’s winning time was 1:11.257. Arvis Miezitis’s won the second place (LAT, 1:13.752) and Sandis Reinsons(LAT, 1:14.111) was the third.

In beginners’ class the fastest woman was 12-year old Latvian Patricia Eliza Snikere (1:22.666). Piret Lauk (EST, 1:25.293) won the second place and the third place went to last year’s winner Geidi Kruusmann (EST, 1:26.293).

In total, 54 sprinters took part in the 6th Tartu Inline Skating Sprint, that is the new participation record.

10th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon is going to take place tomorrow. The start for the 42km long race will be given at 1 am. Today’s sprint winner Tigreros and last two years’ marathon winner Kert Keskpaik are going to compete tomorrow as well.