One of the World’s biggest children cycling events took place in Tartu


Today, on May 28th, the 35th Tartu Rattaralli children’s event took place. According to the preliminary results 3230 children participated.

The 35th Tartu Rattaralli welcomed children of all ages - for pre-school children, TILLUraces with 500 meters and 1,1 km long distances, were held. According to the preliminary results 1910 children took part in these distances. For school children, MINIrally took place with 5,2 km and 7,6 km long distances. Altogether 1320 participants undertook these distances.

“Children had a great chance to enjoy the wonderful cycling weather and they all had the opportunity to cycle on the roads that are usually open for traffic,” said Indrek Kelk, the Race Director of the 35th Tartu Rattaralli. “The day was also special because on the same road cycled children and a few hours later professionals in the Tartu Grand Prix. It is a true cycling party in Tartu today!” Kelk added.

This was the third stage of Tartu Maraton Mini Cube event series. No winners are declared in Tartu Maraton Mini Cube children’s events. However, all participants receive a medal, a diploma and a small prize bag. The events are free of charge.

Tomorrow, on May 29th, the 35th Tartu Rattaralli main races with 135 km and 56 km long distances.

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Photo: Ardo Säks