About 3500 children enjoyed the sunny running weather in Tartu


Today, on May 7th,  according to the preliminary results 3579 children participated in 34th Tartu Jooksumaraton children’s races.

In TILLUraces (with distances 400 and 850 meters), the number of participants was 2611. In MINImarathon (with 2 km distance) 968 students took part in.

“Weather in Estonia has been marvellous in the last week in Estonia and also today, I can say, we had the best running weather for children’s event in the last 10 years,” stated Kunnar Karu, the coordinator of Club Tartu Maraton children’s events. “The change in programme that some starts are individual for children, without parents accompanying them, has justified itself. It’s good to see so many children are eager to start and run on the course by themselves, their faces are full of joy and proud.”

“We hope that with today, all children had a chance to open their running season and all are welcome to join the Tartu Rattaralli cycling event at the end of May!”

The 34th Tartu Jooksumaraton children’s events are the second stage of the Tartu Maratoni Mini Cube series in 2016. The next stage will be held in three weeks, on May 28th, during the 35th Tartu Rattaralli cycling events.

The children’s events held today were a warp-up for tomorrow when the 34th Tartu Jooksumaraton’s main races (23 km and 10 km) will be held. 

Photo: Tarmo Haud