Almost 1000 children enjoyed Tartu Maraton races


Today, the 44th Tartu Maraton children’s races took place in Tartu, Tähtvere Sports Park. According to the preliminary info, 907 children participated. Although, other events in the 44th Tartu Maraton program were cancelled due to lack of good snow conditions, Club Tartu Maraton  decided on this Wednesday to organize children’s events as announced.

“When at the beginning of the week the weather forecast promised quite wet weather and little snow for the weekend, then at the middle of the week we saw that winter might come back,” said Indrek Kelk, the race director of the 44th Tartu Maraton. “As Tähtvere Sports Park’s artificial snow courses weren’t damaged very much by thaw, we decided to organize the children’s races on the right day and at least offer some part of the 44th Tartu Maraton program to people.”

However, some changes in the distances were made and the longest course for children was only 1,8 km long instead of the planned 4 km. “I believe that this distance was enough for children who haven’t had much possibilities to train and practice their skiing skills this season,” thought Kelk.

In the TILLUraces with 400, 500 m and 1 km long distances, 673 children participated. In MINImarathon, with 1,8km long distance, 234 young skiers took part. Last year, when the 43rd Tartu Maraton events took place with good snow conditions, 1460 children took part in the races.

“Today’s numbers show us clearly how much they are affected by the main race occurrence,” stated Kelk. “The greatest loss in participants was affected by those families who would have come to South-Estonia to participate in the main race and also the day before in the children’s races. But yet, we are extremely happy to see that children’s races are very important to Tartu and nearby people, as most of the participants today came from very close.”

Tomorrow, the 44th Tartu Maraton main race won’t take place. However, the course is in almost good condition for training purposes, so all are welcome to try it out.

The next stage of Tartu Maraton Cube and Tartu Maraton Mini Cube sports series takes place at the beginning of May with the 34th Tartu Jooksumaraton.

Photo: Tarmo Haud