Five important changes for the 44th Tartu Maraton


Most important change will be the chip (neto) timing. Photo: Ardo Säks

One of the oldest ski marathons in the world Tartu Maraton is going through some important changes next year.

1. Chip time (neto time)

One of the most important change is the introduction of chip timing. Just like it is used in some of the Worldloppet marathons like Marcialonga, Jirzeska 50 and others. Chip time or neto time means that participants’ time will start to roll after he or she crosses the start line not when the start gun goes off like it has been so far in Tartu Maraton.

People with higher start numbers will benefit most from chip time because they will not lose time queuing in the starting corridor after the start has been given. They will have clean and more fair overall race time which will count only the time that was spent for going through the 63km or 31km distance not for queuing in the starting corridor.

2. At least 10 member groups will get a discount

Until new season only Estonian Olympic Commitee sports clubs would get a 10% group discount for a group of 10 or more participants. Starting from new year, all groups who have at least 10 members with no other discounts (eg. under-age discount) will get a 10% group discount.

To get a 10% group discount registration has to be made in the special group registration form on

3. Long distances more valuable in the Cube series

Cube series will have a reform in the points calculating system. At the end of the year participants told us that the calculating system does not value long distance participants because short distance participants get too much points for their effort.

We changed the value percentages of short distances and for example in 2015 Tartu Maraton long distance had a value percentage of 105% and shorter 85%, but in 2016 long distance stays same and short distance value will be 75%. All other long distances of the Cube series will remain at 100% and shorter distances are lowered to 70%.

4. Finish area reforms in Tartu Maraton

Finish are in Elva, Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre will go through some changes to make the area more comfortable for participants and spectators.

We can’t give the exact details but most changes will propably be made in the feeding area.

5. Live web broadcast of Tartu Maraton

It is not yet clear whether 44th Tartu Maraton will have a live TV broadcast but live WEB broadcast will certainly be made. This will ensure that spectators will not be left in the dark.

44th Tartu Maraton will take place on the 21st of February. Best prices are only available until the 11th of December.

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