18th Tartu Rattamaraton was won by Peeter Tarvis from Estonia


Third biggest MTB marathon in the world 18th Tartu Rattamaraton was won by Peeter Tarvis from Estonia. It was a close battle between Estonian and Latvian riders. Arnis Peterson form Latvia was second and Caspar Austa of Estonia third.

After half of the 89km distance total of six guys managed to pull away from the peloton – three Estonians and three Latvians. Five of them stayed together until the last kilometres where Peeter Tarvis managed to pull away from the group with the help of other Estonians.

„We used team tactics among the Estonian guys. This was the key in beeting Latvian riders,“ said Tarvis. „Gert Jõeäär kept the tempo up and Caspar Austa controlled other guys when I attacked in the end“.

Tarvis finished with a time of 2:34.25. Latvian MTB champion Arnis Petersons was second and managed to beet Caspar Austa at the finish line.

Liisa Ehrberg of Estonia was the winner in the womens’ race. She managed to take the first place just 500 metres before the end when she passed Lelde Ardava of Lativa.

„It was a very difficult race for me because I fell at the very beginning and hurt my knee badly. I managed to fight through the pain but was still sure that I would finish in the second place. It was suprising to see Ardava in the end and I managed to pass her,“ said Ehrberg.

Close to 5500 riders took part in the 18th Tartu Rattamaraton, the fifth event in the Tartu Marathon Cube series. Kert Keskpaik is the new overall leader, Reeda Tuula is still the best female. Next and last event in the Cube series is 4th Tartu City Marathon in just two weeks on the 3rd of October.

Photo: Ardo Säks