Kert Keskpaik defended his Tartu Inline Skating Marathon title


9th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon was won by Kert Keskpaik (Estonia) who defended his title from the last year. Marina Zueva (Belarus) was the best women, local hero Saskia Alusalu (Estonia) was second.

Albe/Team Bont was the strongest team today and dictated tempo from the start. They managed to get away with three men – Marten Liiv, Kert Keskpaik, Lauri Koort but they also had company – Maksim Vysotsky of Russia.

„Kert told me to up the tempo and pull as fast as I could,“ said Marten Liiv. „We managed to get away and worked for Kert“.

Kert Keskpaik attacked seven kilometres before the end and managed to pull away with a solo run.

„Our strategy worked. I’d say it was even a bit suprising that we managed to pull away so easily. We tried to take all three podium places but Maksim was too strong,“ said Keskpaik who finished with a time of 1:08.33.

Second was Marten Liiv who won Tartu Inline Sprint yesterday, Maksim Vysotsky was third.

Marina Zueva of Belarus won the the womens’ race. Estonias best speedskater Saskia Alusalu had to settle with second place.

Total of 1132 skaters started today for the 9th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon.

Photo: Kaimo Puniste


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