Record number of participants in Tartu Inline Skating children’s event


Today, on August 22nd, the 9th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon’s children’s event was held with overall participants of 366 children. It is the record number of participants - in last two years, there were 260 participants, the last record originates from 2011 with 333 participants.

TILLUrace, meant for pre-school children with 500 meters long distance, welcomed 211 young skateres. Longer, 3.4 km long race for school children - MINImarathon - welcomed 151 participants.

10-years old Karl-Markus from Tallinn was very pleased with the event, it was his first marathon: “I was here for the first time but how many times I have skated I can’t even count - around 20 or 30 times. I started skating this summer! I love skating because of its rush but I also love to skate calmly”.

Janek, father of 9-years old Janeli, has been to the Tartu Marathon Children’s event several time: “You have to come here to infect children with the sports microbe! In addition to the inline skating, we have also participated in running, skiing and cycling events - my daughter loves it!”

In addition to the inline skating, children can yearly participate in skiing, two running, cycling and MTB events that altogether form the Tartu Marathon Mini Cube sports series. To complete the series, children have to finish four races out of six. Last year, 1181 children completed the series.

The Tartu Marathon Mini Cube events are not competitions. All children receive a bib with number one, a medal, diploma and a bag of goods in the finish. The sports series ends with a celebration in October in Tartu Lõunakeskus.

The main distances of the 9th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon will be held tomorrow, on August 23rd.

Photo: Ardo Säks