Marten Liiv won the 5th Tartu Inline Skating Sprint


Young Estonian speedskater Marten Liiv managed to take the title of the fastest Estonian inline skater in the 5th Tartu Inline Skating Sprint. Enel Kõrva was the best in the women’s race.

Liiv was the fastest already in the time trial where he covered the 600m course with a time of 1:06.351. There was no match for him in the finals where he beat Roberts Pundurs of Latvia and Kert Keskpaik of Estonia.

„It was a hard race. Not as simple as it looked perhaps. But it was an important race for me and very good victory,“ said Marten Liiv who also promised to take part from tomorrows 9th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon.

In the womens’ race Enel Kõrva and Saskia Alusalu of Estonia where two fastest already in the time trial. In the final experienced inline skater Kõrva manged to beat Estonia’s best speedskater Saskia Alusalu and took the title of the fastest Estonian women on inline skates. Anna Yugai from Russia was third.

People’s Sprint for the amateur skaters won Latvian Arvis Miezitis with a time of 1:17.015. Second was Cardo Poolar (EST) and third Magnar Meinart (EST). First three were all within one second.

The best women was Geidi Kruusman (EST) with a time of 1:23.040. Total of 21 men and 3 women started for the People’ Sprint.

Tomorrow 9th Inline Staking Marathon will take place with more than 1100 people starting. 42km, 21km and 10km races will take place.

Photo: Tarmo Haud