New series will replace Tartu Complex event next year


Tartu Complex event which united 4 of the most famous Club Tartu Marathon events – Tartu Maraton (XC skiing), Tartu Jooksumaraton (running), Tartu Rattaralli (road cycling), Tartu Rattamaraton (MTB) – now also consists of Tartu Rulluisumaraton (inline skating) and Tartu Linnamaraton (running).

This doesn’t mean that the participants have to take part in all of those six events to be valid for the new complex event. 4 best results out of 6 will be taken into account and those 4 can be whichever  events from Club Tartu Marathon season. Even those who have taken part in only one of these six events are actually valid for the complex event points table. 4 is the maximum and optimum number of events taken into account.

Tartu Maraton gives extra points, all other events have the same value. All shorter distances will also be taken into account, but these will give less points than the full distances.

More info about the rules of the new complex event is available here: https://www.tartumaraton.ee/en/events/complexevent/juhend/