Almost 7500 cyclists competed in the SEB 33rd Tartu Rattaralli


Second event in the Club Tartu Maraton season SEB 33rd Tartu Rattaralli brought altogether 7395 cyclists to the streets and highways of Tartu and South-Estonia.

The main event – 133km and 70km races took place on Sunday and longer distance was won by Samuel Pökälä from Finland. Compared to last year, cyclists had to settle with a cold weather but altogether 3697 cyclists crossed the finish line.

“We are happy that we have managed to successfully address the safety issue in Tartu Rattaralli. This year the number of people who needed medical care yesterday decreased almost by 50%,” said race director Indrek Kelk. Last year 79 people needed medical attention during Tartu Rattaralli, this year only 41.

“Safety has always been one of our top priorities and next year we would like to increase it even more,” he added. “We would like to change the starting system and use group starts, which means that a smaller number of people will start together and the groups on the road are also smaller”.

Estonian Cycling Weekend started with Tour of Estonia. On Friday 12 teams with 83 cyclists took the first stage from Tallinn to Tartu. On Saturday they competed on the streets of Tartu. Overall win went to Eduard Michael Grosu (ROU) from Vini Fantini Nippo.

SEB 33rd Tartu Rattaralli children’s events took place also on Saturday. Altogether 3613 children participated which makes it the biggest cycling event for children in the world.

Next event in the Club Tartu Maraton calender is on the 24th of August - SEB 8th Tartu Rulluisumaraton which is the biggest inline skating event in the Baltics and Scandinavia.

Photo: Tarmo Haud