SEB 33rd Tartu Rattaralli was won by Samuel Pökälä from Finland


Despite the fact that 23-man lead group consisted mostly of Estonians, Finnish national team cyclists Samuel Pökälä managed to steal the win from Estonians who were competing on the home ground. Ivo Suur (EST) finished second and Henno Puu (EST) third.

“Before the start of the race I couldn’t really have any expectations on the race ahead. Yesterday my race was ruined by a flat tyre on the Tartu GP. Today I just wanted to compete well,” said Pökälä.

The Finn managed to break away from a 23-man group just couple of kilometres before the finish together with Ivo Suur and Henno Puu. “Legs were quite good in the end, “ added Pökälä.

Ivo Suur who finished second said that he had no idea how good the Finn was at the sprint finish and maybe underestimated his strength. “I am not that good in the sprint finish,” said Suur.

“Today the wind was quite calm and a big group stayed intact for a long time. We managed to break away with a smaller group about 40 kilometres before the finish,” added Suur.

Henno Puu finished third. “I am more like a strong amateur and third place was ideal for me. I am very happy about the win and this was jackpot for me today,” said Puu.

Liisa Ehrberg was the fastest women and finished 42th overall, 4 minutes and 9 seconds behind the best man.

Altogether 4070 cyclists signed up for today’s races. 1968 went for the longer 133km distance and 2102 cyclists for the shorter 70km distance.

Photo: Tarmo Haud