Tartu city streets were filled with thousands of small cyclists


Almost 4000 children participated today in the SEB 33rd Tartu Rattaralli children’s races. More exact  - 3613 children raced, which is a bit more than last year.

In the MINIrally for the school children 1515 children took part, it is 200 more than last year. However, the most participants  - 2098 - were among youngers, 3-6 years olds.

“In our last children’s event in Tartu Jooksumaraton, we had almost 4000 children participating and we were ready for that number in this event as well. Even though,
there were not so many participants, we are happy and proud the number increased,” said Indrek Kelk, the race director of the SEB 33rd Tartu Rattaralli and the chairman of the Club Tartu Maraton board. “Maybe the last few days with cooler and cloudy weather scared the children a bit, but nevertheless the number of participants is remarkable. It seems the future of Estonian cycling is very promising!”

BIGBANK Tartu volleyball player, Argo 
Meresaar participated in the event for the first time with his 4-year-old son Mattias. Meresaar said this event is perfect to introduce children the mass sport races. “It is a legendary event and now we see it with our own eyes. It would have been a sin to miss it,” he said.

The event was meant for children in different ages: 3-6 years olds could choose between 500 m and 1,1 km long distances, older children could go either on a 5,2 km or a 10,5 km long route. The start of the distances was given in Tartu city center and the routes ran between several Tartu city parts.

Tomorrow, on June 1st the SEB 33rd Tartu Rattaralli with 70 km and 133 km long distances takes place in South-Estonia. Around 4000 cyclists are expected to take part. 

Photo: Tarmo Haud