Over 9000 participants in the SEB 32nd Tartu Jooksumaraton


There were a total of 9356 participants in the SEB 32nd Tartu Jooksumaraton races which is about thousand more than last year.

Year ago a total of 8383 runners and nordic walkers participated in the official training, children’s races, Charity Run and in the main events. This year’s big growth came mainly from the Saturday’s events. A total of 4022 children took part in the children’s races and 1073 participants took part in the Charity Run. There where a total of 3494 children and 573 Charity Run participants last year.

“This year’s first event is now past. You could clearly see satisfaction and pleasure of running a marathon from the faces of most of the people who took part in the events this weekend. Hopefully they found motivation to train hard all summer and come back again in autumn to run in the Tartu City Marathon,” said race director Kunnar Karu.

SEB 32nd Tartu Jooksumaraton was won by Roman Fosti (EST) who ran a new Estonian track record 1:15:30. He was over three minutes faster than Dmitri Aristov (EST) who finished second (1:18:39) and Ivar Ivanov (EST) who finished third (1:18:42). Best women was Evelin Talts (EST) with a time of 1:32:16.

A total of 3858 runners and nordic walkers crossed the finish line yesterday. 2116 of them finished the 23km course and 1742 participated in the 10km race.

Photo: Jaanus Ree