Virtual Race Regulations

This is a translation. In case there are accidental differences from the official race regulations in Estonian language, the Estonian version applies.

  1. 47. Tartu Maraton virtual race (hereinafter VR) is organized by Club Tartu Maraton, in accordance with the current Race Regulations, and the decisions made by the Council and Board of Club Tartu Maraton. VR is a sub-event of the 47. Tartu Maraton (TM) and extends the main distances of the event. Registration to virtual race has to be made separately.
  2. 47. Tartu Maraton virtual race takes place from 8th of February to 14th of March 2021.

    • Virtual race is a remote skiing event in which participants can take part at their preferred time and place. Chosen distance should be completed on any day in the given time period on a freely chosen track.
    • Distances of 63 km, 31 km and 16 km are available for registration. Chosen distance should be completed in one go and when stopping for any reason, time-keeping should not be stopped.
    • Chosen distance can be completed on the official tracks of TM (except on February 20th-21st) or on the tracks of participant's choice. 
    • Cross-country skiing on snow is allowed, also roller skiing, running/walking/hiking, and cycling. The discipline must be indicated while uploading the results. Free and classic style of skiing are allowed. Use of car or other means of motorized transport while completing the distance is not allowed. Organizer has the right to disqualify participants if breaking this rule is detected.
    • The virtual race is not a competition and there are no prizes. Participation in the virtual race will count as a participation in the Cube series (each participant will get 1 Cube point) and will count towards multiple participation awards (silver and gold pins), if the participant does not have a result from the TM main race in the given year.
    • The virtual race is not eligible for Worldloppet passport stamp, but it is eligible for the Worldloppet Virtual Racing League.
    • The virtual race is not eligible for Estoloppet passport stamp.
  3. Everyone will participate at their own responsibilityRegular traffic is not closed! Participants must follow all traffic regulations. Organizers are not liable for participants’ health problems or damaged/lost personal belongings. 
  4. Participation in the virtual race must follow the restrictions and directions of the local government and health authorities of the participant's country. Participation in the virtual race does not give permission to violate them.

  5. Keeping the environment clean is important to us. Throwing food packages, drink bottles etc into the nature is prohibited!

  6. Age limit: all athletes born in 2006 (31 km and 16 km 2008) or earlier are allowed to participate.

  7. Registration takes place on Club Tartu Maraton’s website at up to 14.03.21. 

  8. Entry fee of the VR is 30 € throughout the registration period regardless of the chosen distance. There are no discounts. In case the right of participation is waived, the participation fee is not refunded.

  9. Re-registration (alternation of the participant`s name or the virtual race distance) is possible on Club Tartu Maraton’s website until 14.03.2021.

  10. Re-registration from the main race to the virtual race or vice versa is possible:
    • by sending email to with participant data and new distance
    • in the race centre at the Lõunakeskus skating rink (Ringtee 75, Tartu) on 19.02 at 12.00-19.00 and 20.02 at 10.00-17.00
    • When re-registering from virtual race to main race, entry fee difference has to be paid according to the current fees at the time of the re-registration. 
    • Re-registration service is free of charge until 14.02.21, after that the additional fee for re-registration is 10 €.
  11. Start fee includes: digital start bib, medal for finishers (will be sent by post), electronic diploma, gold and silver pins according to the statute (will not be sent by post, handout in Club Tartu Maraton office or race centres of our events).
  12. Time keeping and recording the distance completion is administered by participant's own device (sport watch, smartphone). 
  13. To get a result:

    • ​​Participant has to register on the Club Tartu Maraton website to the chosen distance and pay the entry fee.
    • Participant has to complete the chosen distance on any day during the event time period and record their result with their own device. Please make sure that the device shows completed distance at least as long as the one you registered to.
    • Participant has to upload the log file of their device by clicking on the link next to their name in the list of participants before March 14th at 23:59. Result can be uploaded multiple times, the last one will count.
    • Unofficial results will be updated on the website The official results will be issued on March 19th at 17:00 on the website
    • Entering a correct postal address is necessary for sending the finisher medal.
  14. The result of the virtual race will not be taken into account when assigning start groups in next years.

  15. With making the entry, the participant confirms the willingness to abide by the current Race Regulations.

  16. With making the entry, the participant confirms the willingness to abide by the Privacy Policy which can be found on the website of Club Tartu Maraton.

  17. Cases, not stated in current Rules, will be solved by the Organizing Committee.

  1. Re-registration is the alteration of the participant’s name or the race distance. Re registration is possible:
    • until 19.02.16 in the self service environment of homepage;
    • on 19.02.-20.02.16 in the race centre; 
    • by written application ( sent before 17:00 on 20.02.16.
    • There will be no re-registration on the day of the race.
    • Re-registration in self-service environment is up to 31.01.16 free of charge, only difference of the participation fees of distances (swapping the shorter distance for the longer distance) must be paid; later all re-registrations will cost 10 € + difference of the participation fees of distances.
    • Participants starting under a false name shall be disqualified. In case of a lost / left behind start number, a 10 € replacement fee must be paid.
  2. The handout of start materials takes place:
    • in the race centre at the Lõunakeskus skating rink (Ringtee 75, Tartu, ) on 19.02 from 12:00 till 21:00 and on 20.02 from 10:00 till 19:00;
    • at the start locations: for 63 km in Otepää at 7:00-8:50 and for 31 km in Arula at 10:30-12:20.