Getting there

How to get to Club Tartu Maraton events?

Tartu Maraton events take place in South Estonia, mostly in Tartu, Otepää and Elva.

Distance between Tartu and Otepää is 42 km, between Tartu and Elva is 25 km. There is good bus connection from Tartu with both destinations. The organizers offer a bus transport from Tartu to the start (Otepää) on the morning of the race day, and transport from the finish to Tartu and Otepää.

Race office is situated permanently in Tartu, only during the race day there is open-air secretariat on the start and finish areas. 

From the World to Tartu

Tartu is directly accessible by plane via Helsinki. Helsinki-Tartu flights are operated by Finnair ( seven days a week. Tickets for the flights leaving from Tartu Airport ( can be bought only on the Finnair website and from travel agencies.

You can also Travel to Tartu through Tallinn and Riga. Tallinn’s International Airport ( is located just outside the city centre, on the road to Tartu. It is comfortable to rent a car, take a bus or Airport Shuttle ( service. Riga's International Airport ( is connected with Tartu trough Lux Express buses. From Helsinki there are also daily ferries: Tallink and Silja crossing the Gulf of Finland.

From Tallinn to..

The trip from Tallinn to Tartu takes around 2.5 hours, with buses leaving Tallinn every half an hour or so from 5:40 to 23:59 ( On the hour, every hour from 7:00 to 20:00 comfortable Lux Express( buses depart on the Tartu-Tallinn-Tartu route and stop at Tallinn Airport in both directions. Some buses also depart direct to Otepää.

Eight times a day you can take a train between Tallinn and Tartu. Fast, comfortable diesel trains take you to your destination in two hours. All trains offer free WiFi (

From Riga to..

The distance from Riga to Otepää is 230 km and 250 km from Tartu. International Lux Express buses depart 4 times a day and trip takes about 4 hours. It is also possible to use train connections between Riga and Valka. You just have to change trains in Valka/Valga. For more information and schedules visit and Another option is rent a car and drive to Tartu, Elva or Otepää through Valmeira and Valga.

Distances in Estonia

Tallinn – Tartu: 186 km
Riia – Tartu: 244 km
Tartu – Otepää: 43 km
Tartu – Elva: 27 km
Otepää – Elva: 22 km

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