Tartu-Kääriku ski tour is replaced with Tartu-Uhti hike

1. Tartu-Kääriku skitour is organized by Club Tartu Maraton. The purpose of this event is to celebrate the 55th Tartu Marathon which took place for the first time in 16th January 1960 as a hike from Tartu to Kääriku with 214 participants.

2. Tartu-Kääriku skitour is organized according to present race regulation guide, programme and according to the decisions made by the Council and Board of Club Tartu Maraton.

3. Tartu-Kääriku skitour takes place on January 16th 2015. The race date will not be changed. Skitour 55km mass start is given at 9.30 at river Emajõgi next to the bridge Kaarsild, in Tartu. The finish line is at Kääriku Sports Centre and will be closed at 17.30.

4. Skiing in prefered tehnique. Participants should be aware of some part of the course which cant be trespassed by skiing.

5. Everyone will participate at their own responsibility! It is advisable to have an accident and/or health insurance. Organizers are not liable for participants’ health problems or damaged/lost personal belongings.

6. Anyone who has previously finished Tartu Marathon in less than 5 hours can participate.

7.  There are 4 serving points (TP): Uhti, Pangodi, Nõuni, Otepää.

8. There are time limits set to finish the Tartu-Kääriku course which are clarified after course route is confirmed. Finish of the skitour will be closed at 17:30.

9.  Please dispose your waste (drink bottles, gel tubes etc.) in the designated areas, do not throw it to the forest or road ditch, where it is hard to find for cleaning crew after the event. Organizers and commissaries have the right to disqualify or fine the violators. Disqualification can also be based on photo or video recordings.

10. Registration takes place in internet on Club Tartu Maraton´s web site until 14.01.2015 at 17.00. Participation fee is 25 euros. Participation limit is 214 skiers.

11. In case of not participating, participation fee shall not be refunded. It is possible to re-registred name in self-service environment at Tartu Maraton´s homepage. NO registration in the morning of the race day (16.01.2015)! Participants who starts under wrong number are disqualified.

12. Cancellation of the event.
12.1. If the event is cancelled due to a force majeure the participation fees shall be refunded in accordance with the current regulations and rights of the organiser which state that the organiser may deduce the sum used for already made arrangements.
12.2.  In case of cancelling Tartu-Kääriku hike due to lack of snow or another force majeure with an announcement no later than 12.01.2015 at 12.00, 100%  of participation fee will be refunded.
12.3.  In case of cancelling Tartu-Kääriku hike due to lack of snow or another force majeure with an announcement of the cancellation 48 hours beforehand, 50% of participation fees will be refunded.
12.4 A force majeure is considered to be any unpredictable event that the organiser has no control over. The organiser cannot change its time or way of occurrence, control it or stop it from happening (e.g. war, rebellion, strike, fire, flood, earthquake, (snow)storm, downpour or any other act of nature, etc.)
12.5. If the event is cancelled due to a force majeure no expenditures made to third parties by the participants are to be compensated by the organisers of Tartu Maraton. We advise participants from abroad to purchase a travel insurance that would cover the expenses caused by the cancellation of the event.
12.6.  If the parties cannot find an agreement the discords shall be solved in accordance with the Estonian laws in the Tartu county court.

13. Due to force majeure the organizers may change or shorten the course lines or cancel the skitour. The decision about changes will be made 48 hours before the hike and will be announced in media.

14. Start numbers will be given 1 hour before start at starting place.

15. Start fee includes: start number, catering in serving points and in finish, diploma, the carriage of packages from start to finish, medical help if needed, participants who quit will be transported to finish, all participants will be transported from finish to Tartu.

16. Transport of participants. It is possible to get transport from finish to start after the event . The ride with a special bus is free, but it is essential to inform the  Club Tartu Maraton about it to email

17. Medical aid is organized by Estonian Disaster Relief Team in co-operation with Tartu Ambulance. If you see someone in trouble on the track, please try to help and let the organizers know immediately or call 112!

18. With making the entry a participant gives a permission to use the photos and films of him/her made during the whole event for promotion and advertising purposes.

19. Other unforeseen cases will be solved by the Organizing Committee.

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