Open Track

43. Tartu Maraton

Open Track

08. February 2015

Entry fees

until 06.02.15 07.02.15 - 08.02.15
63 km 25.00 € 35.00 €
31 km 20.00 € 30.00 €
16 km 15.00 € 20.00 €

Race Regulations

1. 43. TARTU MARATON (TM) OPEN TRACK belongs to the 2015 calendar of international long distance ski race series Worldloppet (WL).

2. 43. TM Open Track is organized by Club Tartu Maraton (the Organizing Committee of 43. Tartu Maraton is confirmed by the Council of Club Tartu Maraton) with sponsors and supporters.

3. 43. TM will be organized according to the cross-country long distance skiing race rules of the Estonian Ski Association and FIS, current Rules & Regulations, the official program of the competition and according to the decisions made by the Council and Board of Club Tartu Maraton.

4. 43. TM Open Track takes place on Sunday, February 8th 2015.
63 km starts at 9:00 at Ski Stadium of Tehvandi Sport Center in Otepää (stamp for the WL long races)
31 km start at 11:00 at Arula crossroad, 8th km of Otepää-Puka road (stamp for the WL short races)
13th Ladies’ Race 16 km start at 12.00 in Palu service point, by Otepää – Rõngu road
43. TM Open Track is not a competition, the results will be published in alphabetical order without ranking.
Finish is open at 11:30-17:00. Finish is located 2 km from Elva towards Hellenurme, in Tartumaa Tervisespordikeskus (Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre).

5. There are 6 service points (SP) on the 63 km course: 1. Matu 12km, 2. Ande 23km, 3. Kuutse 32km, 4. Peebu 39km, 5. Palu 46,6km, 6. Hellenurme 53,5km. There are 3 service points on the 31 km course: 1.Peebu -7 km, 2.Palu-14,6km, 3.Hellenurme -21,5 km. There is 1 SP in 16 km. Drinks and food are also available in the finish area.

6. Waste areas. There will be marked waste areas on the race course before and after every service point and at other specially signed section. Please dispose your waste (drink bottles, gel tubes etc.) next to the course, do not throw it to the forest or road ditch, where it is hard to find for cleaning crew after the event. It is prohibited to litter outside of waste areas! Organizers and commissaries have the right to disqualify or fine the violators. Disqualification can also be based on photo or video recordings.

7. Time limits of passing SP’s:

63 km
Start in Otepää 10:00 
1. Matu TP 11:00  
2. Ande TP 12:00  
3. Kuutse TP 13:00  
4. Peebu TP 13:50
5. Palu TP 14:50
6. Hellenurme TP 15:45
Finiš 17:00

Not passing the service points before time limit, leads to disqualification. These skiers will be taken to the finish area by bus.

8. Free and classic technique is permitted.

9. Participation is on your own responsibility. It is advisable to have an accident and/or health insurance. Organizers are not liable for participants’ health problems or damaged/lost personal belongings.

10. Registration takes place
* on the Club Tartu Maraton's website up to 06.02.2015 at 17:00,
* in the Club Tartu Maraton office in Tartu, Laulupeo Ave 25 (ph +327 421644, fax +372 422 536) up to 07.02.2015 at 17:00,
* on the race day at the start areas starting 1,5 hours before start.

11. Entry fees:

up to 06.02.15 07.02.15 - 08.02.15
63 km 25.00 € 35.00 €
31 km 20.00 € 30.00 €
16 km 15.00 € 20.00 €

12. In case of giving up the participation, entry fee will not be refunded.

13. If the race will be cancelled due to lack of snow or force majeure, the entry fee will not be refunded. Force majeure is an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of the organizers, such as a war, strike, riot, fire, flooding, earthquake, hurricane, storm etc.).

14. The handout of start materials takes place:
* in the Club Tartu Maraton office in Tartu, Laulupeo Ave 25 (ph +327 421644) on 06.02 and 07.02.2015 at 9.00-19:00;
* on the race day at the start areas starting 1,5 hours before start

15. Start fee includes: starting bib; time keeping (only in case of correctly attached time keeping chip during all the race); result in the results list in alphabetical order; service and catering in the SP-s and finish; diploma with name and result; luggage transport from start to finish; medical service if necessary; transport of abandoned skiers.

16. Time keeping is performed with an electronic timing chip which must be correctly attached to your right ankle (up to 20 cm from the ground) from start to finish. After exiting the finish corridor, hand the chip to the organizer. In case of losing the chip, please advise the race office immediately. In case of abandoning the race or giving up the participation, the chip must be returned to race office.The participant is responsible for the chip from the moment start number is handed out until it is handed over in the finish. In case of losing or not returning the chip, penalty 30 EUR will follow.

17. To get a result, your Open Track bib must be visible from your front and back during the entire race and the time keeping chip must be attached properly.

18. Transportation. The organizers recommend using special shuttle buses for transport from Tartu and the Finish car park in Elva to the Start location on the morning of the marathon day. The tickets for buses heading to the Start locations are only available from pre-sale. After the marathon, special shuttle buses are available for travelling from the Finish Location to Tartu and the Start car parks. The special shuttle buses are available for a fee of 4 €, if purchased from pre-sale, and 5 € on the marathon day. The pre-sale of bus tickets is performed at the Race Office. The bus schedules of the shuttle buses are published on the Club’s website by no later than 2 weeks prior to the race.

19. Parking in start areas and in finish car park is free; cars are directed to the parking lots in the order of fulfill.

20. With making the entry, the participant confirms the willingness to abide by the current Race Regulations and gives the permission to use the shot photo and video material for the promotion of the event.

21. Due to force majeure the organizer could be forced to change or shorten the course, or cancel the race. The Organizing Committee will make the final decision at least on Monday, 2.02.2015, which will be forwarded to mass media. In exceptional circumstances the Jury has a right to make changes concerning the race until 3 hours before the start (FIS Article 388.1.3) to secure safety of the participants.

32. Other unforeseen cases will be solved by the Organizing Committee.

63 km 31 km
Start 9:15 Otepääl 12:45 Arulas
1. Matu TP 11:00  -
2. Ande TP 12:30  -
3. Kuutse TP 14:00  -
4. Peebu TP 15:00 15:00
5. Palu TP 16:15 16:15
6. Hellenurme TP 17:15 17:15
Finiš 19:00 19:00

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