Otepää - Estonian Winter Capital, host of FIS World Cups

Otepää, a small town with 2000 inhabitants, is located 43 km South from Tartu.

Otepää has an important role in the history of Estonia, as the current national flag of Estonia (blue, black and white) was consecrated and blessed here in 1884.

In the sports communities Otepää is also known by Tehvandi Sports Center (Estonia’s No. 1 ski resort, founded in 1978). The center offers sports activities all year round: skiing, running, Nordic walking, cycling, roller skiing and inline skating. It can be viewed as a “groundsel” for top Estonian skiers and Olympic medallists (Allar Levandi, Kristina Šmigun-Vähi, Andrus Veerpalu, Jaak Mae), but it is becoming more and more targeted towards popular sports.

Otepää has been the start place of Tartu Maraton since 1997, but also the finish place: from 1964-1979.

20 things you need to see and do in Otepää

Start of Tartu Maraton in Tehvandi Ski Stadium, photo: Ardo Säks