16 km

47. Tartu Maraton

47. Tartu Maraton 16 km

14. February 2021

Entry fees

until 14.12.20 15.12.20 - 08.02.21 09.02.21 - 13.02.21
16 km 25.00 € 35.00 € 45.00 €
NB! The 16 km distance takes place a week earlier, on February 14th 2021!
If you encounter problems during registration look at the tutorial videos!

Registration conditions

By registering to several Tartu Maraton Cube events at once, the following discounts apply (regardless of the race distance):

  • by registering to 4 events at once - 10% of the current entry fees;
  • by registering to 5 events at once - 15% of the current entry fees;
  • by registering to 6 events at once - 20% of the current entry fees.

Entry fee rates and deadlines are listed on the website and in the regulations of each event.

About registration locations, start group allocation and numbers handout please read the RACE REGULATIONS.

  • Discount 50% for 18 years and younger.
  • NB! No registration on the day of the race! Starting under false name or from the wrong passage will lead to disqualification!
  • In case of waiving the right to participate, the entry fee will not be refunded.
  • Parking and shuttle bus services are not included in the start fee.