Race info

Tartu Relay Marathon participants’ information! 

NB! The Relay Marathon will be held at Haanja Recreation and Sports Centre. Geographical and other location-dependent info is not updated in the race regulations but kept updated on this page here.

Before the start 

  • Start numbers` handout on 17.02.-18.02.17 from Club Tartu Maraton Office at 9:00-19:00. In the race day morning, from the sports hall of Haanja school near the Haanja Ski Stadium. 
  • There are special shuttle buses from Tartu, Elva, Otepää and Võru to the Haanja Ski Stadium. For more information please look at the bus information.
  • Parking at the designated parking lots near Haanja Ski Stadium is free (look at the start area map). 
  • 1 car per team can be parked in the parking lot next to the cafe building based on the parking permit found in start materials.
  • It is possible to change clothes at the stadium cafe building. 
  • Cafe is open from 9.00. Breakfast has to be pre-ordered.
  • Waxing of skis (grip wax only) is possible at the stadium.
  • The start gate will be open from 9:45. The first part of the start area is reserved for Tartu Relay Marathon competitors (start places will be marked by numbers), the rest of the start corridor will be used by 44th Tartu Maraton Open Track participants. 
  • The start time of the competition is at 10:00.

On the course and at the exchange area.

  • The first stage is 11 km, the second, third and fourth stages are 9 km long (look at the track schema).
  • The classic tracks are set on the right; the left part of the course is for free technique users. Both free and classic techniques are permitted 
  • The exchange area is located on the ski stadium. The start and finish of the exchange area are marked either with red line or pine brunches. Every member of a team has his own timing chip attached to his foot. The exchange takes place by touch of hand within the limits of the exchange area. There are organizers controlling the exchanges and the violators shall be disqualified. 
  • Only the skier currently skiing his stage is allowed to be on the track with his timing chip attached. Other team members are asked not to have their chip attached while moving around on the track, near the start/finish line and exchange area. Please remove your chip when doing warm-up, watching other people compete and after finishing your stage.

At the finish 

  • All of the team members can have a hot drink and a warm cup of soup at the feeding area. 
  • Sauna and showers are located in the cafe building and can be accessed using the respective coupon found in start materials.
  • The 3 best teams will be awarded at 13:00 on the finish area podium. 
  • Diplomas are available at the Race Office, which is located in the sports hall of Haanja school. 

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