Inline Skating Sprint

10. Tartu Rulluisumaraton

Tartu Inline Skating Sprint

20. August 2016

Entry fees

until 19.08.16
Rulluisusprint 5.00 €
Rahvasprint 5.00 €

Race Regulations

ARTICLE 1. Objective of the race

To organize a sprint race in the city of Tartu that is exciting for the contestants and thrilling for the spectators in the framework of the 10. Tartu Rulluisumaraton, organized by Club Tartu Maraton.

ARTICLE 2. Organizer of the race, time and place of the race

2.1. The race is organized by Club Tartu Maraton (address: Laulupeo pst. 25, Tartu, 51007, Ph: +372 7 421 644; e-mail:
2.2. The race is held on the 20th of August, 2016 in the city of Tartu on Narva road, in accordance with the added time schedule:

13.30  Team Managers Meeting
15.00  Qualification from individual starts: all classes
17.00  Men’s Quarterfinals, starting groups of 4
            Women’s and men’s B-finals, starting groups of 4
Women’s and men’s A-finals, starting groups of 5
17.20 Awards ceremony

ARTICLE 3. Race course and distances

3.1. The race takes place on a 600 m track on the Narva road according to the track map.
3.2. The race track has been marked and is open for training 1 hour prior to the first start.
3.3. During the race (15.00-17.20) the track is closed for training and warm-up.
3.4. The competitors may warm-up on the pedestrian road next to the Tartu-Narva road.

ARTICLE 4. Race regulations

4.1. The race is held in four race classes: Sprint Men, Sprint Women (Rulluisusprint), Beginners Men, Beginners Women (Rahvasprint). The beginners’ class is open to all male skaters who have not been ranked in previous Tartu Rullusiumaraton events in top 50 and for all female skaters who have not been ranked in top 100. There is no previous result restriction for starting in Men and Women class.
4.2. The competitors’ starting order in qualifying rounds is drawn in random.
4.3. In the Men’s sprint class, 16 best athletes of the qualification go to the quarterfinals and the 8 best from the quarterfinals qualify to the final events. Winners of quarterfinals go straight to A-finals, second places of quarterfinals go to B-finals. B-final winner goes to A-final.
4.4. In women’s sprint class, 8 best athletes of the qualification go to the final heats. Top 4 of qualification goes straight to A-final, 5 to 8 of qualification go to B-final. B-final winner goes to A-final.
4.5. In the beginners classes the final ranking will be determined by the results of the qualification only.

ARTICLE 5. Participation, registration and issuing of the startnumbers.

5.1 Participation is available for 100 first applicants from the age of 16 who have paid the participation fee of 5€. With trainer’s permission, younger riders can also participate in all race classes.
5.2. Registration takes place on the homepage of Club Tartu Maraton at and at the club’s office until 17.00 on 19.08.2016. This is also the deadline of confirming the race class. NB! It is not possible to change race class on the competition day.
5.3. Participation is at the competitor’s own risk. The wearing of helmets is obligatory. The competitors themselves are responsible for their health, level of fitness and possible traumas. The organizers advise the wearing of gloves and other protective gear.
5.4. The issuing of race numbers takes place on Saturday, 20th of August at the race centre, at the crossing of Narva road and Kruusamäe Str starting from 12.30.

ARTICLE 6. Award ceremony

6.1. The award ceremony takes place at 17.20 at the race centre. The 3 best of each race class are awarded. Prizes of the sprint class are provided by Sportland and prizes of beginners class are provided by GMP Clubhotel. Total prize fund is 1050€. 
6.2. An athlete who is not present in the official award ceremony loses one’s right to an award.

ARTICLE 7. Protests

7.1. Protests for race results are noted until 2 minutes of the corresponding race winner’s finish.
7.2. Protests are judged by the Jury.
7.3. Matters undefined in the guide are solved by the Race Jury: Head Referee, Finish Referee and Race Secretary.


By registering for event, the participant confirms the willingness to abide by the current race rules and gives the permission to use the shot photo and video material for the promotion of the event.

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