General tourist information


Estonia is the smallest and the northenmost country of the Baltic States. Covering  45,227 km2, the state is slihgtly bigger than Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. There are 1,3 million inhabitants and the official language is Estonian. 
Estonia is perfect for active holiday – ca 50 % covered with forest, over 2000 lakes, over 1500 islands, numerous national parks and nature reserves. On the other hand – it is a very modern country with WiFi almost everywere. 

Tartu – center of South-Estonia 

With its 100 000 inhabitants, Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia situated  185 km from capital Tallinn and 244 km from Latvian capital Riga. 
Tartu is a Hansa Town and the oldest city in the Baltic States (first mentioned in 1030), known also as the intellectual capital of Estonia:  the cradle of Estonian Song Festival, Estonian Theatre and the Estonian State. One of the oldest universities in Northern Europe - Tartu University, found in 1632 - brings thousands of new students to town every year.
Tartu is a green city with lots of promenades and parks, creating an excellent ground for active lifestyle.