30th of May


Tour of Estonia starts from Tallinn, at the Ülemiste hotel.

Traffic may be disturbed at 10.55-11.15 on the street of Suur-Sõjamäe and the streets crossing with it when police escort takes cyclists out of the city.


Route of the first stage is Tallinn –Aruküla- Alavere– Albu – Aravete-  Järva-Jaani – Jõgeva – Palamuse – Luua – Kukulinna- Lähte – Tartu (look at the map).

11.00-16.00  - cyclists travel from Tallinn to Tartu. Cyclists are accompanied by the police.Traffic will be stopped when the cyclists pass by. It is forbidden to pass the police car which is marking the end of the cyclists group.


Cyclists pass though the town of Jõgeva (look at the map).

14.00-14.30 - Traffic is stopped in Jõgeva where the race is passing through.


The race finishes in Tartu at about 15.00-16.00. Traffic is stopped in Tartu where race is passing through (look at the map).

31st of May


On the Saturday traditional Tartu Grand Prix takes place on the streets of Tartu on a 12,5 km circuit which is closed for traffic from 11.00 to 18.30 (look at the map).

1st of June


SEB 33. Tartu Rattaralli takes place on the route Tartu-Pangodi-Otepää-Kääriku-Otepää-Elva-Tartu (look at the map).

Traffic is closed around 10.00-10.30 and 12.00-12.30 on the Riia street and 12.30-17.30 on the Ringtee street (starting from the Võru street) and on the Turu street lanes taking to the city centre.


The race takes place on public roads which are open to traffic but it is not advised to drive on these roads from 10.00-17.00 for the safety of the racers. It is forbidden to park on the race course.