Pace groups

Pace group memo

  • There are three pace groups in the 135 km distance with the average speed: 26-27 km/h, 29-30 km/h, 32-33 km/h. Assess your physical limits and choose the most suitable group. The group will not wait for the riders who are not able to follow the tempo.
  • Pace groups start the race at the end of the start corridors.
  • All groups have group leaders who wear special vests.
  • The participants must obey traffic rules and follow the instructions given by the group leader. Group leaders also advise and help the group members during the race.
  • Participants can use the technical aid offered in the service points. There is no additional technical support provided specially for the pace groups. 

For the successful ride, please pay attention to the following:

  • Outside of town, it is not allowed to go across the road’s centre line.
  • If there is an empty space next to the person who is in front of you, then the person behind the empty space moves forward, so that the whole row moves one spot forward.
  • Be observant and pay attention to the riders in front of you and their signals.
  • If a sudden manoeuvre is made in front of you try to soften it and not overreact.
  • If you are paired up with a less experienced rider don’t be afraid to give them tips and instructions to make it easier for them.
  • During the ride keep in mind that there are a lot of other riders behind you, whose health and well-being depend a lot on your manoeuvres.
  • If you feel tired, slow down and wait for the slower group coming up from behind.