Club Tartu Maraton awards top 3  men and ladies of 87 km with monetary prizes in total amount of 2800€.

  supports the event via bicycle brand BOTTECHIA with sport goods gift cards for the 4.-12. ranked men, 4.-6. ranked ladies and Hellenurme sprint winner of 87 km. The total value of gift cards is 1480€.

Sportland also offers raffle prizes for kids.

 Optibet gives awards Matu intermediate sprint winner with 125€.

 There will be Terra Serena sparkling wines for the winner.

  Flowers for the winners of 42 km and the Sprint will be prepared by Mileedi Lilleäri.

  will give for top 3 Estonian men and ladies newspaper subscription.

  awards 3 best clubs and companies with their tasty products.

  awards 6 best men and ladies with a delicious cake.

  will give raffle goody bags for kids race.

  will add sweet surprises to the kids race raffle.

  gives drinks to the winners of 87 km and supports kids race raffle with goody bags.

Tartu Adventure Park gives tickets to their attractions for the kids race raffle.

Aura water park gives several free tickets for the kids race raffle .

BATUUDIKESKUS gives tickets to their attractions for the kids race raffle