Official shuttle buses

Due to health safety reasons we advise using personal transportation if possible. Wearing a mask is necessary in the official shuttle buses.

 A 1-day ticket costs 4 EUR from pre-sale, 6 EUR on the buses.

A seat on the special shuttle buses shall be guaranteed only with tickets purchased from the pre-sale!

The bought ticket is also valid during the return ride! Please save your ticket, if you should lose it, a new ticket must be bought!

Time schedule for shuttle buses to the start place on 19.09.21:

7:30 Tartu - Otepää 89 km start
7:45 Finish parking lot - Otepää 89 km start
11:00 Tartu - Otepää 40 km start
11:15 Finish parking lot - Otepää 40 km start
7:30 Tartu - Palu SP 21 km start
8:45 Otepää - Palu SP 21 km start
8:45 Finish parking lot - Palu SP 21 km start

Tartu = Theater Vanemuine’s parking lot
Finish parking lot = 2nd km of the Elva-Hellenurme road
Otepää = The gate of the Tehvandi ski stadium

At 10:30 and 13.15, shuttle buses will go from Otepää to Elva (without transportation of bicycles).

After finish the shuttle buses will go to Tartu, Palu and Otepää on a free schedule  according to fulfillment.

Rides back to Otepää/Palu/Tartu are also available for a fee (the pre-sale day ticket is valid also for the return ride). The final stop in Tartu is in front of the Aura Keskus.

NB!Bicycles are not allowed on the buses. Bicycles will be transported separately with trucks that follow the buses!

Bus tickets can be bought:

  • From the Piletilevi ticket booths and online ticket shop at www.piletilevi.ee until September 18th 2021, 19:00.
  • From the Race Office at the Lõunakeskus ice rink on September 18th 2021 at 10:00-19:00.

NB! With the finish parking lot tickets purchased from pre-sale is the bus transfer from the finish parking lot in Elva to the start in Otepää or Palu free of charge for all of the passengers in the car, when the parking permit is presented! Read more in the parking info.