Regulations for the children’s events of Club Tartu Maraton


  • Children of all ages, and regardless of their athletic preparation are welcome to take part in the events of Club Tartu Maraton.
  • So, that all of the Participants could feel themselves as equals, no winners are declared.
  • All children’s events are free of charge.
  • The registration for each event is opened online 5 days prior to the event (from Monday) and remains open for 4 days (until Thursday).
    Registrations can also be made on Friday in the race centre and on Saturday in the start area of the children’s races.
  • Every Participant gets a start bib with the number “1”.
  • Every finisher gets a medal, diploma and a bag with goods. Also prize raffles are carried out between all of the Participants.
  • The list of Participants is later published on the website of Club Tartu Maraton.
  • All information regarding the registration and course maps are available at

Registration and start materials

  • Participation in the events is free of charge. However, registration is mandatory and we suggest pre-registering online to prevent long queues on the race day.
  • Please fill in the registration form on the website of Club Tartu Maraton. Online registration shall be opened on the Monday of the week the event takes place, and remains open until Thursday 17:00 (Estonian local time).
  • Registration is also possible on Friday in the race centre and on Saturday (the day of the children’s races) at the location.
  • All children get a start bib and a coupon (it’s a form that has to be filled in with the child’s information). All children who have registered online can receive their start materials already on Friday, from the race centre. All others can receive their start materials on the race day.
  • On the day of the children’s events, registration begins an hour before the first start, and remains open until the last start.
  • All children shall receive a bib and a registration coupon. Registration coupons are collected at the start line, and based on them, the raffle prizes are drawn and the final finish protocol is later compiled.

NB! On the race day, please make sure the organizers collect the coupon from your child’s bib. Please hand the coupon to the organizers yourself, if it is not collected.


  • Club Tartu Maraton’s children’s events are not competitions, no winners are declared. However, a list of Participants shall be published on the website of Club Tartu Maraton, and all children, who participate in at least four events during a single season, shall be awarded with a special memento at the final event of the season.
  • The list of Participants is published within a week of the event in an alphabetic order on the website of Club Tartu Maraton. 
  • To ensure correct participation records, please make sure to register your child with the same correct name and personal identification number throughout the year.
  • In case you detect any flaws or errors, please contact within one week of the list of Participants being published. No later complaints are satisfied.