Unique t-shirts

In the 42 km distance all the finishers get a present - a high quality and unique finishers t-shirt!

For the rest of the runners and the fans there will be available a special fan t-shirt, which can be purchased from the race center. The fan t-shirt has the same design, the only difference is that there is no FINISHER-text on the back.

Tartu City Marathon 2019 t-shirts are 100% recycled!

  • It takes five or six plastic bottles (0,5 liter) to produce the amount of fabric needed for one M size t-shirt.
  • 75% of energy is saved compared to the production of regular polyester t-shirts.
  • At least 1000 liters of water is used for producing one cotton t-shirt of the same kind. Ca 10 liters of water is used to produce the new polyester t-shirt of Tartu City Marathon.