1. The Friday Night Run (hereinafter: FNR) is organized by Club Tartu Maraton, in co-operation with its sponsors and supporters. Race is organized according to the current Race Regulations and the decisions made by the Council and Board of Club Tartu Maraton.
  2. FNR with the distance of 4 km (actually 3,7 km) will be held on the October 5th 2018. Start will be given at  21:00 on the Tartu Town Hall Square, where also the finish of the race is situated. 
  3. FNR is not a competition, there will not be any winners announced. The race can be run either with timekeeping or without it. There is one split time keeping point on the distance with timekeeping. 
  4. The time limit for completing the race is 45 min. Finish will be closed at 21:45.  Participants, who do not finish in the control time, are disqualified and their result is not recorded.
  5. The track of the race runs on the streets of Tartu, which are partially open to the general traffic. For safety purposes the participants have to follow the traffic regulations, traffic signs and directions of traffic officers. The track passes through following streets: Town Hall Square - Vabaduse - Poe - Rüütli - Vallikraavi - Lossi - Baeri - Jakobi - Ülikooli - Küütri - Rüütli - Town Hall Square.
  6. Everyone will participate at their own responsibility! It is advisable to have an accident and/or health insurance. Organizers are not liable for participants’ health problems or damaged/lost personal belongings.
  7. Participation is open for everyone who have paid the entry fee.
  8. Registration takes place:
    • on Club Tartu Maraton’s website: until 05.10.2018 at 17.00;
    • in the office of Club Tartu Maraton (Laulupeo Ave 25, Tartu, information: ph.: +372 7421 644) until 04.10.2018 at 17.00;
    • in the race centre in the city centre of Tartu (Town Hall Square) on 05.10.2018 at 12:00-20:30
  9. Entry fees.
    Date FNR with timekeeping FNR without timekeeping
    up to 03.10.2018 8 € 6 €
    04.-05.10.2018 11 € 9 €
    In case of waiving the right to participate, the entry fee is not refunded.
  10. Re-registration is possible:  
    • up to 04.10.2018 in the self-service environment of the homepage
    • in the race centre in the city centre of Tartu (Town Hall Square) on 05.10.2018.
    • Starting under wrong name leads to disqualification! 
    • In case of a lost / left behind start number, a 5 € replacement fee must be paid. 
  11. Handout of start-numbers takes place in the race centre at the Town Hall Square on 05.10.18 at 12:00-21:00.
  12. Start fee includes prepared & marked course; start number; time keeping in case of correctly attached chip; service in the finish area;  medical service if necessary.
  13. On the distance with time keeping, the time keeping chip is attached to the backside of your start bib (participants without time keeping do not have a chip). It is not allowed to break or fold the start bib as it might damage the chip. Start number has to be attached to the chest and it has to be visible throughout the whole distance. Transformation of the size and form of the start number is not allowed. You do not need to return the chip!
  14. Medical aid is organized by Estonian Disaster Relief Team in collaboration with Tartu Ambulance. If you see someone in trouble on the course, please try to help and let the organizers know immediately or call 112!
  15. By enrolling to the Race, the participant confirms the willingness to abide by the current race regulations and gives the permission to use the shot photo and video material for the promotion of the event.
  16. Other questions not answered in the current Rules, will be solved by the Organizing Committee.

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