Getting there

NB! Travel possibilities may be restricted due to the virus pandemic! Information about restrictions when entering Estonia can be found HERE.

How to get to Club Tartu Maraton events?

International airport in Tartu has direct connections with Helsinki. Airport is situated only 7 km from city center between the roads to Elva and Otepää.

Distance between Tartu and Otepää is 42 km, between Tartu and Elva is 25 km. There is good bus connection from Tartu with both destinations. The organizers offer a bus transport from Tartu to the start (Otepää) on the morning of the race day, and transport from the finish to Tartu and Otepää.

Race office is situated permanently in Tartu, only during the race day there is open-air secretariat on the start and finish areas. 

From Tallinn

Tallinn has aerial connections with most European cities. The Airport  is in Tallinn but the city has good bus and train connection with Tartu. From Helsinki,  there are also daily ships: Tallink and Silja crossing the Gulf of Finland to Tallinn in about 4 hours.

From Tallinn central bus station and Tallinn airport buses take you to Tartu in about 2,5 hours, some buses also directly to Otepää. The regular buses for Otepää leave from Tartu Central Bus Station. Regular Bus schedules.

The train ride with Elron trains from Tallinn to Tartu lasts less than 2 hours. From Tartu railway station take city bus No. 6 to the central bus station. Inner city Bus schedules of Tartu.

From Riga

The distance from Riga to Otepää is 230 km and 250 km from Tartu. There are many international flights to Riga. From the airport you can either:

  • Rent a car and drive to Tartu, Elva or Otepää through Valmiera and Valga.
  • Travel by bus to Tartu. (Luxexpress). The trip takes about 4 hours.


Tartu, Otepää and Elva are the usual choices. 
The travel agent is E-Turist. Feel free to contact them for the bus schedules, list of accommodation etc:

Distances in Estonia

Tallinn – Tartu: 186 km
Riia – Tartu: 244 km
Tartu – Otepää: 43 km
Tartu – Elva: 27 km
Otepää – Elva: 22 km

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