Will 38. Tartu Forest Marathon take place?

Because of the global COVID-19 pandemic and emergency situation declared in Estonia, the event cannot be organized in the usual way. So we decided to organize it in a novel way - as a virtual run!

When will the virtual run take place?

The Tartu Forest Marathon virtual run will happen from May 1st until May 17th 2020. Pick one day in this time period to complete your chosen distance.

Where should I run?

Run or walk on the track of your preference. Make sure to follow the restrictions and directions of your local government and health authorities. If possible, avoid asphalt roads.

What are the distances of the virtual run?

You can register to either 42, 24, 10, or 5 km.

Can I complete parts of the distance on different days?

No. Complete the chosen distance in one go and when stopping for any reason, do not stop the time-keeping on your device.

Is it important, how fast I run?

No. Choose a comfortable speed for your run or walk. The virtual run is not a competition and results of the runners and walkers of the same distance will be published together.

I was registered to the 38. Tartu Forest Marathon, but I do not wish to take part of the virtual run.

  • Do you return my entry fee?

According to the race regulations, we will transfer 50% of your paid entry fee to your user account as a credit which you can use to cover entry fees of our next events. Another option is to apply for a monetary refund of the same sum.

  • What should I do to get the 50% monetary refund?

If you do not wish to take part of the virtual run, please send an e-mail stating this to the address . If you wish to get the 50% monetary refund, attach your filled application form: XLSX (XLSX, 12 Kb)or PDF (PDF, 516 Kb). Deadline for these applications is May 31st 2020. We will start making monetary refunds after May 11th. 

I was registered to the 38. Tartu Forest Marathon and I do indeed wish to take part of the virtual run.

  • Do I have to register again?

No. All participants of the 38. Tartu Forest Marathon will be automatically listed as participants of virtual run.

  • Do I have to make any additional payments?

No. If your original payment was more than the entry fee of virtual run, then we will transfer the surplus to your user account as a credit that you can use to cover entry fees of our next events. 

  • I wish to change the distance from what I originally registered to. Can I re-register?

Yes. You can change your distance when you log in to your account free of charge until May 17th at 23.59. Only when moving from the shorter to the longer distance, the entry fee difference has to be paid.

I have not been registered to 38. Tartu Forest Marathon, but I wish to take part in the virtual run.

  • How can I register?

Registration takes place on our website here.

Will there be a start bib for the virtual run?

Yes. You can download ant print it out:  (PDF, 854 Kb).

How do I send my result to the organizer?

Complete your chosen distance and record your run with your own device (sport watch, smartphoe) using appropriate software. Upload the log file (machine-readable files exported from training applications are preferred, files with extensions .fit, .gpx, .tcx, .pwx are suitable) or insert a link to your training application by clicking your name in the list of participants. We will check your result and publish it.

Can I change my result by uploading a new log file?

You can upload your result several times.

Last day to upload the results is May 17th. 

I was registered to a distance, but during the run I discover that I would like to complete a different distance. Can I change?

Yes. You can change your registered distance when you log in to your user account on our website.

How will I get the medal and diploma?

  • A medal of 38. Tartu Forest Marathon will be sent to all finishers by post. Shipping of the medal outside Estonia is available for additional fee (has to be chosen during registration). Make sure you have your correct postal address in our system.
  • Diploma can be downloaded from our web after the results have been uploaded. 

Will virtual run count as a stage in Tartu Maraton Cube 2020 series?

Yes. Participation in the virtual run (doesn't matter which distance) will count as a participation in the Cube series and it will be taken into account when season awards are given out. Every virtual run finisher gets 1 Cube point.

Will virtual run participation count as a Tartu Forest Marathon participation when awarding silver and gold pins?


Will I get the silver or gold pin by post?

No. Silver and gold pins are handed out after the emergency situation in our office or race offices of our events.