Traffic info

For smoother transportation on the day of the race, we strongly recommend to use the special (or public) buses or share a car with your friends. We also suggest to arrive to the race place 1 or 1,5 hour before the start. Please make sure to follow the traffic regulations in Otepää and Elva.

On the day of the race, the following routes in Otepää are closed: 

  • At 10:50 until 11:15 Otepää - Valga mnt - Tartu mnt – from Kanepi mnt crossroad (crossroad with traffic lights) until the roller road.
  • From 10:50 until 11:45 (until last runner runs off the highway) Otepää-Rõngu mnt first 4 km (excl. operational vehicles). Traffic is permitted behind the runners only after the last police car or in front of the runners before the police car until Rõngu. 

During the day of the race parking is prohibited from 7:00-11:15 in Otepää: 

  • Valga mnt - Tartu mnt - Valga mnt – until Kanepi mnt crossroad (crossroad with traffic lights) from both sides within the town limits. 
  • Between the Tehvandi road, Valga mnt and Tehvandi Sport Center main building road, from both sides.
  • Roller road between the Valga mnt and Mäe tn section, from both sides.

The roads crossing the Tartu Jooksumaraton are not closed for traffic, but there are some traffic limits and it is mandatory to follow the regulators' signals. The only exception is the road between Rõngu mnt  -  Hellenurme mnt – Vitipalu career which is closed for traffic from 11:15-15:00. In the areas, where the track and the highway intersect, a 50 m standing prohibited order applies to both sides of the road.

See the courses and parking maps.