Club Tartu Maraton gives out monetary prizes for top 3 men and ladies of 42 km and 23 km run in total amount of 4000€ (1st place - 500€, 2nd place - 300€, 3rd place - 200€). 

 supports athletes placed 4th to 6th of 42 km and 23 km with sports goods and offers also the raffle prizes for kids.

 There will be Henkel sparkling wines for top men and ladies of 42 km and 23 km.

 Flowers for top men and ladies of 42 km and 23 km will be prepared by Mileedi Lilleärid.

 Postimees will give for top 3 Estonian men and ladies of 42 km and 23 km newspaper subscription.

 A.Le Coq awards top 6 men and top 6 ladies of 42 km and 23 km with beer cases and supports kids race raffle with goody bags.

 Salvest gives will add for kids race raffle sweet surprises.

 Eesti Pagar bakery helps to restore energy of top 6 men and 6 ladies of 42 km and 23 km with their cakes. 

 Maks & Moorits awards 3 best clubs and companies with their tasty products.

 There will be special price for the best Estonian men and lady from Valga county.

 Lõunakeskus will give for kids race raffle goody bags.

Tartu Adventure Park gives for kids race raffle a memorable day with their attractions.

 Aura water park gives for kids race raffle several free tickets.

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Grand sponsors

A. Le Coq Ramirent Salvest Enervit Eesti Pagar Embach Mariine Auto


Lõunakeskus G4S Maks & Moorits EY Bambona Eesti Teed Otepää Elva


Ehitusmeister Respo Balbiino Hotell Tartu Aura Keskus Baltyre

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Ajakiri Sport Scanpix Ma Olen Rattur

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Tartu Linn Eesti Kultuurikapital Hasartmängumaksu Nõukogu Kultuuriministeerium