Tartu Maraton Cube

Tartu Maraton Cube (previously Tartu Complex Event) is race series which united 4 of the most famous Club Tartu Marathon events – Tartu Maraton (XC skiing), Tartu Forest Marathon (running), Tartu Rattaralli (road cycling), Tartu Rattamaraton (MTB) – now also includes Tartu Rulluisumaraton (inline skating) and Tartu City Marathon (running).

This doesn’t mean that participants have to take part in all of those six events to be included in the complex event ranking. 4 best results out of 6 will be taken into account. Even those who have taken part in only one of these six events get to be in the complex event points table. 4 is the maximum and optimum number of events taken into account for the overall ranking.
Personal best events of the season will be calculated according to a special formula which uses the number of participants of this particular event and the rank of a particular person taking part in this event.

Distances of Tartu Maraton (skiing) give extra points, all other events have same values. All shorter distances will also be taken into account, but these will give less points than full distances.

Tartu Maraton Cube consists of 6 events of which a maximum of 4 will be taken into account in the points table:


63 & 31 km long cross country ski marathon, one of the Worldloppet ski races, and also the most famous popular sport event of the year in Estonia, with the history of over 55 years. Good course profile and suitable distances for everyone are the keywords that have invited every February lot of skiers to Southern Estonia to test themselves racing with friends, enjoy winter nature or just meet the other skiers from all over the world. The racetrack is open for training all the snow period. In 2013 Tartu Maraton hosted over 8000 representatives of 27 nationalities! There are also events for children and less trained during the weekend.


42, 23, 10  and 5 km running and nordic-walking race trough the springtime forests & villages of South-Estonia! More than 3500 runners and walkers test their shape in the beginning of May.


135 & 60 km long cycling race, which brings every spring over 4000 cyclists to Tartu and is the most important popular road cycling event of the year. Rattaralli course runs on asphalt roads from the city centre of Tartu to smaller towns in Southern Estonia and back. Prior to Tartu Rattaralli there are UCI races for professional riders.


Tartu Rulluisumaraton is the biggest inline skating marathon in the Baltic States and in Scandinavia. 1500 people participate every year in the Tartu Rulluisumaraton events, where amateurs can compete along some of the best inline skaters in Eastern Europe. Distances of 42, 21 and 10 km are available. There are also races for children.


89, 40 and 21 km long mountain bike race from Otepää to Elva is the biggest and most important MTB event in the Baltic States. Since 2002, Tartu Rattamaraton has belonged to the UCI MTB calendar. In 2009, instead of the traditional Estonian Championships, the European Champions were held. In 2013 more than 5000 riders crossed finish line of the main event.


On 2nd of October 1983 the first Tartu City Run was held with a distance of 19,2 km. In 1999 Tartu City Run was moved to Elva and from the year 2000 it is known as Tartu Jooksumaraton (renamed Tartu Maastikumaraton in 2018) and takes place in the spring. The tradition of Tartu City Run was reinstated in 2012 for the 30th anniversary of Club Tartu Marathon running events. 
Tartu City Marathon has two main distances  - 42 km and 21 km. In addition to that a 10 km race is available for runners and nordic walkers. 
Reinstated Tartu City Marathon is the newest Club Tartu Maraton event but its participant numbers are also the fastest growing. In 2013 a total of 1400 runners and nordic walkers crossed the Tartu City Marathon/City Run finish line. In 2015 this number was already 2400 and in 2018 there were over 3700 participants.