Clubs and companies

Team rankings in the events of Tartu Maraton Cube

The intention of the club and company rankings is to increase the interest in sports through keeping rankings between the clubs, and to increase the attention paid to club sports.

  • Team rankings are determined in two race categories: clubs and companies.
  • Under Clubs we mean registered sports clubs, freely formed collectives and circles of friends.
  • Under Companies we mean teams that are formed from the employees of a company and their family members. Under family members we mean a spouse/partner, their children, parents, and brothers and sisters.
  • To determine the team rankings of each event, the point scores (calculated on the basis of the K index – see Cup regulations) of the top 5 Participants of a club / company are added together.
  • Persons who are hidden in the participants' lists cannot bring points to any ranking.
  • The Cup rankings take into account the total point score of the top 4 events of a club / company, out of the 6 possible events.
  • For teams that have acquired an equal number of points over the course of the Cup, the higher rank shall be given to the club / company:
    • whose team has completed more events of Club Tartu Maraton during the course of the year,
    • if the number of races completed during the year is the same, the advantage shall be given to the team with the highest point score in their best event,
    • in case the point scores of their best events are equal, the second highest scores shall be taken into account, and so on for third highest scores etc.,
    • if none of the conditions named above are sufficient, the teams shall be ranked on the same rank.
  • A club / company may put out several teams (I, II, III etc.)
  • The top 3 clubs and companies of each event shall be awarded as follows: 1st place - cup + 7 free entries to the next event of Cube; 2nd place - cup + 5 free entries to the next event of Cube; 3rd place - cup + 3 free entries to the next event of Cube. The cups are handed over at the prize-giving ceremony of the next event of Cube in accordance to the time Schedule indicated in the program of the event. Information about free entries will be sent directly to the e-mail of representative of the club or company.
  • The top 3 clubs and companies of the Cube will be awarded at the finals prize-giving ceremony of the Cube in October.


  • For the joint registration of participants of a club/company/group, you need to create a user account for the use of the self-service environment of the webpage of Club Tartu Maraton at
  • The owner of the account must select SELF-SERVICE from the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the page, and then GROUPS from the menu on the left.
  • For group registration, you must download and fill out the Excel table provided by our system.
  • When you upload the file, the correctness of the data inserted is verified. For formatting or other errors (for example persons that have already registered), the system displays an error message. Correct format of distances can be seen when choosing the right event on the page where the file is downloaded and uploaded.
  • When registering, you can also select a sports club / company from a displayed list. In case the selection does not include the club/company you are searching for, you can send a request to the administrator regarding adding it to the list. (Please note that the addition can normally take ~1 working day to happen and it is best to complete your registration after the addition has happened)
  • Payments can be made based on an invoice, as well as through a bank payment link. The invoice can be issued both to private persons, as well as companies (you have to make the selection during registration process). Please keep in mind that the invoice needs to be paid by the indicated date. If the registration is made on the last day of a registration period, the payment must be completed by the end of that day!
  • The owner of the account can view and download, if necessary, all of the paid and unpaid invoices in the self-service environment.
  • The owner of the account can see the registered participants on the "Groups" page of the self-service environment and can also re-register them (change the distance of a participant or assign replacement to a participant).
  • The participants of a club/company may register individually, but if they wish to be part of clubs/companies ranking, they must indicate the sports club or company that they are representing, when registering (select from the list). The club/company representation can be added also after the registration in the self-service under "My profile".
  • No separate special registration form is required for participating in the club/company rankings. The club/company must be marked during registration or on the profile page of the participant.
  • Deadline for marking club/company representation is the deadline of the event's online registration (usually Friday at 17:00 before event).
  • One person can represent only one team at a time.
A discount of 10% is available for groups of 10 or more participants to whom other discounts do not apply. The registration must be done as a group all at once via the registration system of our homepage.