Spectators with special needs

In Tehvandi Sport Centre (www.tehvandi.ee), the start venue of Tartu Maraton, the stadium and hotel complex are built according to the contemporary requirements, including also the needs of people with special needs.

The tribune, the ground floor of the stadium building and the caffee are accessible in a wheelchair. It is also easy to move between the inva parking lot and stadium. There is a special inva toilet in the stadium building.

To enter the hotel, one can use the ramp, there is an elevator and special rooms for disabled people in the hotel.

In the finish area in Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre (www.tervisesport.ee) there is free entrance to the ground floor hotel rooms in a wheelchair, in the hall there is also a special inva toilet. The walking distance from the parking lot to the finish line is also accessible in a wheelchair.

The service points on the track are all located outside larger settlements. In all of the service points there are large parking lots available. However, we suggest to use assistance while moving between the parking lot and the course line in a wheelcahir, as the roads there are running on the fields and forests.