Dry Bag

Tartu Maraton Cube SUPER OFFER!

The dry bag campaign from the 2019 season continues also into the 2020 season! Register to 4 or more events at once & receive a valuable gift - waterproof and comfortable dry bag! The campaign will last until the bags run out.

Events included in the cube series you can find in the regulations.

It is also possible to buy the bag: price 25 €

The bags are handed out either at the race centres of our events or can be picked up from the office of Club Tartu Maraton.

Graphite grey and orange are among the colour options of the Tartu Maraton Cube Dry Bag. The choice of colour can be made when you pick up the bag.

Dry Bag is a useful accessory you can use not only when visiting the marathon events, but also in all kinds of outdoor activities where a big, comfortable and a good quality bag is needed.

From the 2019 season onwards we do not give out plastic luggage bags on our events for environmental reasons. Please use your own bag, or for example the Cube dry bag.