Benefits for participants

For main distance and children's races participants

Gift card from Viking Line

All the participants of Tartu Jooksumaraton and Tartu Rattaralli receive a gift card from the shipping company Viking Line. The card includes  one-day cruise (Tallinn-Helsinki-Tallinn). The gift card is valid for 2 persons and allows to purchase a ticket Tallinn-Helsinki-Tallinn for 10 euros/per person. In addition it is possible to purchase a car ticket for 20 euros/ one direction. The card applies on all departures. The card is valid up to 31.10.2017.

Detailed information given at the voucher added to the start materials of the marathon. 

Cycling equipment from Sportland! Additional info:  

Tartu Adventure Park and Lõunakeskus' Adventure Park welcome everyone for an adventure with 20% discount

Lõunakeskus' Adventure Park and Tartu Adventure Park

Both adventure parks offer the discount -20% upon presenting the race medal from the main or children's races to the adventure park cashier. After 35th Tartu Jooksumaraton the discount is available  up to May 14th, after 36th Tartu Rattaralli up to June 4th.   

Aura SPA, water park and swimming pool welcome everyone for a relaxing and fun time with a 20% discount 

Presenting Your participation medal entitles you to a 20% discount on single tickets for the swimming pool, water park and Spa at the Aura Centre. This offer is valid for the 35th Tartu Jooksumaraton participants up to May 14th and for the 36th Tartu Rattaralli participants up to June 4th.  This offer is also valid for one adult accompanying a child under the age of 5.
*This offer is only valid for the Swimming Pool, Water park and Spa.

For children's races participants

Special offer from Science Centre AHHAA

Presenting the medal of children´s races entitles to a 20% discount on family ticket of the Science Centre AHHAA. The discount is valid on the marathon weekend: on May 6-7th with the Tartu Jooksumaraton medal and on May 27-28th with Tartu Rattaralli medal.  

Cinamon offers a free popcorn

After sport activities everyone can go to cinema Cinamon. All children receive a discount coupon from the race which gives a free popcorn with a movie ticket.