Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to register?

You can register for a single event or multiple events at once on the registration form. There are two options for registration:

  • Registration with an account. We advise that you create a user account on Tartu Maraton’s website, which enables you to easily register for upcoming events, and gives an overview of your existing registrations.
    NB! Please keep in mind that only logged in users can register groups, relay teams and children.
  • Registration without an account. Please select a suitable event from the homepage, click on the button GENERAL INFO, and then REGISTER.
Within a single event, only a single race distance can be selected for registration. In case of an uncompleted registration / unpaid invoice, the registration process cannot be restarted for the same event. The invoice can be cancelled by contacting us at:

2) Is it mandatory to create an account?

It is not mandatory, but creating an account has many advantages:

  • Your information is saved, and when registering for an event in the future, your contact information fields shall be automatically filled out.
  • Your child(ren)’s information is saved, and you do not need to input your child(ren)’s information in the future – just select a distance that suits your child(ren).
  • You can see your existing registrations, history of results, and paid and unpaid invoices.
  • You can change your race distance and replace yourself with somebody else.
  • You can change your profile and account password.
  • You can upload group registrations.
  • You can make registrations for your friends (regardless if they have an account or not).

3) How to create an account?

For creating a user account, click on the button LOG IN on the top right side of the homepage, and select CREATE ACCOUNT from the bottom. Please fill all of the mandatory fields with valid information.

4) What to do if I have forgotten the password of the user account?

Please select LOG IN and follow the directions for recovering the password. If you do not receive a password via email (also check your junk mail), then you have probably entered a faulty email address during the registration process or the security settings of your email account block our automatic replies (this happens mainly to Gmail addresses). For the latter problem we advise to add to your e-mail contact list and then try again to reset the password. If you don't receive a new password after repeated attempts, please contact the administrator at .

5) What are the payment options?

You can pay via credit card or invoice. Please notice when making the payment, the reference number must be indicated! Otherwise the payment will fail. After the payment has been completed, please click on BACK TO STORE (or CONFIRM, depending on your payment service provider), so that the registration can be finished.

When making the payment, the reference number must be indicated.
2. After the payment has been made, please click on Return to Merchant

6) Can I register multiple participants at once on the registration form?

Yes. After inserting details for the first participant and confirming the registration form, you can add the next person by clicking on the button "Add another". That way you can add several people to the same invoice. If you wish to register 10 or more people, use the group registration form. These possibilities are available only when you are logged in. 

7) What should I do, if I have registered and paid via the online form, but cannot find my name in the participants list?

You probably did not click the button BACK TO STORE (or CONFIRM, depending on your payment service provider) at the end of the registration.  Please inform the secretariat of Club Tartu Maraton at of your problem, making sure to also include the information on the date the participation fee was paid (please add a copy of the payment order, if possible). 

8) What should I do, if I do not receive an automated reply with the registration confirmation?

It is possible that you have input a faulty email address when registering. Please contact the administrator at .

9) My employer wishes to reimburse me for my participation fee. How can I get a receipt/invoice for the paid participation fee?

If you have a user account, then all of your invoices are saved under SELF SERVICE. If you do not have an account, but you have entered your email address on the registration form, then a link to the payment environment shall be sent to your email address, from where you can download the invoice for the participation fee.

10) Our whole club / company wishes to participate. What registration method would suit us the best?

To register a club / company, you need to create a user account. Once you have created the account:

  • Please log in
  • Select SELF SERVICE on the top right side of the homepage
  • Select GROUPS from the left menu
  • For group registration, please download and fill out the appropriate Excel worksheet.
  • Payments can be made with a bank transfer based on an invoice or directly through a bank link.
  • You can open and download all of your invoices from your account.
  • Please keep in mind that the invoice must be paid by the date marked on the invoice. I.e. if the registration is made on the last day of the entry wave, then the payment must be completed on the same day!
  • You can make re-registrations for your group members (change of name or distance)

11) How can we compete in the clubs’ / companies’ rankings?

To be included in the clubs/companies rankings, all you have to do is to make sure that representatives of your club/company have the organization name attached to them when registering to an event. No additional form filling.
To determine the team rankings of each event, the point scores (calculated on the basis of the K index – see Cup regulations) of the top 5 participants of a club / company are added together. 

12) How can I re-register?

Re-registration is the alteration of the participant’s name and/or the race distance.
Until 7 days before the race (21 days for Tartu Maraton) the name and distance changes can be performed free of charge in the self service environment. Additional payments must only be made for the price difference in the participation fees (swapping the shorter distance for the longer distance.) This way, you can both change your personal distance within an event, and also pass on your registration to an acquaintance. To complete these actions, the registered participant must have created a self service environment account. For re-registration, the options are visible in the event view, where there is a re-registration link behind each event. After that, just follow the instructions.

  • Re-registration is free of charge until the end of the 2nd entry wave.
  • From the 3rd entry wave the re-registration fee is 10 EUR + the difference in the cost of the participation fees (when choosing the longer distance instead of the shorter distance etc).

NB! The dates of the entry waves can be found in the rules of each specific event.

13) If the web environment is closed for re-registration, then please take the following actions to re-register:

To re-register, the PARTICIPANT WAIVING ONE’S RIGHT OF PARTICIPATION must send a corresponding written notice to the secretariat of Club Tartu Maraton at , and one must also include the information regarding the new participant. The new participant shall pay the re-registration fee with a bank transfer to the bank account of Club Tartu Maraton, or at the race headquarters, when picking up their number. In case of a change in the selected race distance, a written notice must also be sent to the secretariat. Re-registration is also performed at the race headquarters during the handing out of the numbers, and ends at 17:00 on the night before the race. Re-registration fee 10 EUR + the difference in the cost of the participation fees (when choosing the longer distance instead of the shorter distance).

NB! No re-registration in the morning of the race day (neither person-to-person nor distance changes)!

14) If I did not participate in the last year’s race, will I be placed into the last start group this year, or shall my earlier results also be taken into account?

When assigning start numbers, the registration program automatically takes into account the results of the two previous years, preferring the newest results. More information regarding the formation of start groups can be found in the rules of a specific event.

15) What should I do, if I cannot find my results in the finish protocol after the race?

Probably your timing chip was incorrectly attached or the chip was faulty. Please notify the secretariat of Club Tartu Maraton at of the missing results WITHIN 3 DAYS AFTER THE RACE, by adding your presumed finishing time, and if possible, the number of a fellow participant finishing at the same time as you did, to simplify the search process in the finish video materials. Later claims are not satisfied.