1) If I lost something at the race, where could I get information on found objects?

On the race day, please turn to the lost-and-found point located at the finish location that mediates lost-and-found objects. After the race, information on lost-and-found objects can be obtained from the office of Club Tartu Maraton (via email at Objects found from the service points and on the track are sent to the office within a couple of days after the event.

Lost-and-found objects can be claimed after the event from Club Tartu Maraton within 1 month after the event. Be sure to ask, as we usually have more found objects, than the people looking for their lost belongings!

2) How and where can I get a diploma?

The diplomas are available at the race headquarters at the finish location. Our events apply a system, where diplomas are printed on location only for those participants who ask for them. They can be later claimed within 1 month from the office of Club Tartu Maraton. Diplomas are not sent through postal services!

Before you call our information line at +372 742 1664 or +372 515 0360, please try to find the information from our homepage:

  • Information regarding each event is displayed on a separate page, when you click on the corresponding event on the homepage.
  • Earlier results are available from two locations:
    • Please click RESULTS under the events on the homepage. By filling out the name fields you get an overview of your previous results.
    • If you are registered as a user on the homepage of Tartu Maraton, then you can find your personal results under your account in the SELF SERVICE section.

NB! Computerized timing began in 1983 at the Tartu Maraton, but an electronic database was created only in 1994, thus making the results from the 80s incomplete. Paper protocols starting from 1980 are available at the club for viewing for the interested people.

Event statistics can be viewed by clicking HISTORY from the lower menu on the homepage.

3) The envelope holding your start materials is not another piece of scrap paper, but an important information source for the participant.

We recommend that you take out your start materials during the days before the races, and carefully read through the information written on the envelope and familiarize yourself with the schemas (these can be found in the magazine which is also handed out in the race centre). We are certain that you shall find the answer there to many questions that arise. 

If do not find the information on our homepage, then write to us at  Please be patient, as replies may be delayed during the period before the race.